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Swimming in winter

Seasonal Special

10% off Super Myers Cocktail

Winter brings a chill to the air and the warmth of family gatherings. This holiday, save your family the immunity-depleting, energy-zapping hassle of sniffles and colds with our powerful Super Myers Cocktail! Nothing says love like the maximum dose of vitamins and nutrients for a healthy and happy season!

Plastic Water Bottles

Group Discount

Gather a group and earn a discount on services! Yes, parties of 4 or more receive 10% off treatment and parties of 10 or more receive 20% off (NAD excluded) whether you're looking for a bachelorette party recharge with your bridal party, a family immunity recharge after passing a bug around the house, or the greatest Glow Party ever,  we have you covered... at a discount.

Extra time for scheduling might be required. Send direct requests through our contact form so we can make arrangements for your group!

Special Events

We can arrange to have members of our team available at your next sporting or community event to offer rapid hydration, B-12 shots, and other services that promote wellbeing.

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Sound Healing Float

Our Sound Healing Floats provide a relaxing and revitalizing experience for groups in a private and picturesque location. Public Sound Floats are occasionally available and dates are announced through our monthly newsletter &/or our social media pages!

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