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Integrated Medicine

We believe in an holistic approach to healthcare; one that treats mind, body, and spirit for complete wellness. Our experienced team brings a number of Integrated Health treatments to patient care so they can help design individualized therapy or treatmnent plans to achieve optimal health.  


Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts and aromatic essential oils to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. The practice has an impact by delivery molecular support directly to the brain through the olfactory nerves. 


*Only available as an add-on option.

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Intuitive Sound Healing

Intuitive Sound Healing uses sonic vibrations to bring balance and encourage healing within the mind, body, and spirit. 


Reiki is an healing technique that promotes relaxation, chakra balance, stress reduction, and relieves anxiety by improving energy flow through gentle touch. 

Energy Healing


The ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture using very tiny needles at key points in the body to aid in healing and manage discomfort by stimulating the central nervous system.  Acupuncture can be used to treat a wide array of ailments, including migraines, arthritis, immunity issues,  hormonal shifts, and much more for overall wellness. 

Holistic Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy or Lymph Drainage Massage helps the body maintain proper circulation, fluid balance, and immune functioning. Using very light pressure and long strokes to move the lymph fluid to help your body efficiently eliminate toxins and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Head Massage
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